The Global Impact of Physics by Inquiry

At the end of the 2022 school year, Hedlund asked his students which project made them most proud. The resounding response was We Share Solar, in large part due to a feeling of global citizenship and making a difference in the lives of others. Read full article here.

Rosemount High School to get its own solar array

Sun This Week –  “Interest in the potential of solar energy has peaked in the last two years as students learned much more about it through a grant program with the ‘We Share Solar’ program. Read full article here.

Holy Family students build solar suitcases for refugee settlement

After assembly, Holy Family shipped its two completed suitcases back to the manufacturer to be professionally tested for construction quality and system reliability. Once the suitcases are tested, a deployment kit containing installation components will be added before shipment to the Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Southwest Uganda. Read full article here.

Local Students Help Provide Power For Students In Kenya

Many students don’t get to see the real-world application of what they learn in school until much later in life, but for the high school students in Mission College’s Summer STEM program, their work now has a global impact. Read full article here.

Engaging Students in STEM Through a Solutionary Approach

Like most people, students want their work to matter. Of course it matters to them, their parents and their teachers, but what if it also matters to people outside the classroom walls? What if the work that students do in high school immediately changes lives for the better in the real world? Would this inspire […]

Middle school introduces students to climate and energy science with hands-on project

On a recent Thursday, Katie Small’s eighth-grade science class at St. Louis Park Middle School was hard at work. The students were gathered around a series of small blue plastic suitcases, up to their elbows in wires and assembly instructions. The goal was to put together a series of “solar suitcases” — 12-volt DC standalone […]

Twin Cities students build solar devices for Kenyan students on STEM Day

On Friday, Twin Cities students came together to work on a high-tech project that will soon help people a world away. It’s all part of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Day. Students from 11 Twin Cities-area schools participated in the hands-on STEM program, which involved building portable solar suitcases that can capture the sun’s energy […]

Students build Solar Suitcases during hands-on We Share Solar, Wells Fargo STEM workshop at AISES National Conference

Attendees at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) 2019 National Conference experienced a unique We Share Solar® STEM workshop funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation. We Share Solar is a national program that empowers students to be global changemakers by combining solar energy and engineering education with real-world application. Thanks to this collaboration, […]