Program Overview




We Share Solar empowers students to be global changemakers.

By combining solar energy and engineering education with real-world applicability, trained teachers cultivate students’ interest in STEM subjects and inspire them to meet an immediate need in energy-scarce communities.

Our Teachers

Teachers learn to teach our extensive curriculum in our in-person or virtual workshops. These trained teachers then lead their students in building our 12-volt DC stand-alone solar system, the We Share Solar® Suitcase. Although targeted at high school science teachers, the program can be adapted for use in interdisciplinary courses as well as in middle school and college settings.

Our Students

As students build, they learn about global energy poverty, basic electricity, solar energy, and engineering. Students donate some of their classroom’s We Share Solar suitcases to a school or community center in an energy-poor region of the world. The remaining systems are retained for ongoing education.

Our Global Service

We Share Solar works with partners in target countries to select energy poor schools and community centers as placement sites. Our partners conduct solar installations and provide training to Solar Suitcase users. These global partners share stories and photos from beneficiaries with the student builders so that students can see the full impact of their work.

Our Funders

We Share Solar is funded by corporations and foundations who value STEM education, community engagement, and global citizenship.