Corporate Partners

Each We Share Solar® Suitcase kit ships with everything required to build a stand-alone 12-volt DC solar power system. It includes a full-color assembly and commissioning guide with written and visual step-by-step instructions.

Solar Suitcase for Deployment

A long-time champion of education, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is committed to supporting the students and schools of Northern and Central California. Working with We Share Solar, PG&E provides access to our top-notch STEM curriculum in under-resourced public schools across their service area. The Solar Suitcase program connects PG&E directly to its future workforce by educating students on the importance of renewable energy and by inspiring these students to make a positive impact in their world.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo delivers value to its shareholders, team members, and other stakeholders by integrating environmental sustainability throughout its value chain. Wells Fargo uses its size, expertise, and the passion of its team members to help create healthier, more resilient communities, conserve resources, advance cleaner technologies, and reduce the impacts of climate change. The We Share Solar program provides an ideal platform for Wells Fargo’s global employees to promote clean technology and environmental education while engaging and strengthening their communities. Read more about Wells Fargo’s commitment to environmental sustainability here.

Creation Technologies

Creation Technologies is a global provider of end-to-end, customized and scalable solutions for OEMs. Creation has 9 manufacturing facilities, 2 design centers, Rapid Protyping Center and a Global Materials Sourcing Group. A key component of Creation’s Vision is ‘enriching lives’ and ‘improving our world’. Creation Technologies supports We Share Solar through its global Making a Difference initiative. Creation manufactures and ships We Share Solar Suitcases and has launched a corporate wide training program to enable team members to champion and lead Solar Suitcase build workshops with youth in their regional locations.


SunPower, a leader in solar technology, aims to change the way people around the world use electricity. Beyond manufacturing solar products, they work to create solar power educational tools, to promote the use of solar power, and to provide opportunities for their employees to connect with community-based solar power initiatives. SunPower’s collaboration with We Share Solar has engaged its workforce here in the US and in its manufacturing center in the Philippines, allowing employees on both sides of the globe to meaningfully support their local schools.